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All Zoom Cloud recordings are automatically uploaded to Panopto and afterward automatically removed from Zoom. Hosts can find their Zoom Recordings in Panopto. Panopto allows hosts to edit, share, and see viewing statistics on the Zoom recording. Additionally, hosts can download the chat and the audio transcription of the Zoom meeting from Panopto

Sign in to Panopto


Sign in to Panopto at with your Canvas (or Network) credentials.

Go to the Meeting Recordings folder in your My Folder


Click My Folder > Meeting Recordings. Your meeting recordings will be listed in Canvas.


Panopto brings in the active viewer and the shared screen. If you need access to the gallery view and/or the audio-only file please contact within 7 days of the recording.

Information on finding the sharing links, downloading chat transcripts, adding videos to Canvas, and more can be found at:

  1. Finding the share link to your Panopto (Zoom in Panopto) video

  2. Automatically send Zoom Meeting recordings to Canvas

  3. Embedding videos in Canvas

  4. Finding the Zoom meeting information in the Panopto recording


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