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Your math instructor may require the use of LockDown Browser with ALEKS. This version of LockDown browser is different from the Seminole State version. Please reach out to your instructor for more information about using LockDown Browser with ALEKS and how to download it directly from ALEKS.

Respondus LockDown Browser for ALEKS Information and Troubleshooting

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Please note the following:

The version of LockDown Browser that’s included with McGraw-Hill ALEKS must be installed by the student AND is a different version than what the institution might license directly from Respondus. That means that even if a student has installed Lockdown Browser before, they may still need the version of it that is specific to ALEKS. Additionally, students MUST launch the LockDown Browser from the link provided within their ALEKS account.

Note: A student can have two versions of LockDown Browser installed on the same Win/Mac computer. They simply need to select “install as a 2nd institution” when installing the 2nd one (regardless of which it is)."

from Respondus LockDown Browser Information and Troubleshooting


Respondus LockDown Browser for ALEKS is a 3rd-party tool. Support for Respondus LockDown Browser for ALEKS can be found at Respondus LockDown Browser for ALEKS Information and Troubleshooting


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