Embedding OASIS into Canvas

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OASIS is managed by Seminole State College's Course & Curriculum Development department. Detail information and support for OASIS can be found at Faculty Curriculum Resources.

Opening the Syllabus tool in Canvas

Copy the Sample HTML Code

<p><iframe src="OASIS_Syllabus_Link" width="100%" height="600"></iframe></p>

Copy the attached sample HTML code.

Open the Canvas Syllabus


Go to your Canvas Course and click the Syllabus tool in the navigation. The Syllabus tool will open.

Add Content to the Canvas Syllabus 

Click Edit at the top of the screen. The Rich Content Editor will appear.

Switch to the HTML Editor


Click the HTML button at the bottom right corner of the editor. The HTML window will appear. Please note the tools such as B I U are not present in the HTML window.

*Note* If there is existing code in the HTML box, delete it before proceeding.  

Paste the HTML Code


 Paste the copied code into the box.

Copying the link to your OASIS syllabus



Go to the OASIS tool at https://www.seminolestate.edu/ssap/ed-services/oasis/

Open the OASIS Syllabus Preview


Click the Syllabus Preview button. Your OASIS syllabus will open in a new window.

Copy the OASIS link

Copy the link to your OASIS syllabus.

Adding your OASIS link into Canvas

Return to the Syllabus tool in Canvas

Navigate back to Canvas, and select OASIS_Syllabus_Link in the code by double-clicking it. Make sure not to select the quotation marks.


Update the Syllabus code


Replace OASIS_Syllabus_link by pasting the actual link to your syllabus in the code. and click Update Syllabus.

Your OASIS Syllabus is now embedded in Canvas.



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